Assessment Update - 3rd September 2018

Hi All

First post of the academic year....I hope you have had a great summer and are glad to be back…just a quick update to get the term going.


The DFE have published your school’s KS2 progress data via the Tables Checking Service  From the tabs you can see whole school and individual’s progress.  The DFE have not yet released the methodology they have used to ‘cap significantly negative progress’ but this has been taken into account in your whole school figures.  Hopefully this will be published by the DFE on Tuesday.  (It is worth noting that these results do not include the results of any marking reviews yet).  Please ensure that these results are checked and confirmed/amended as necessary, as this is the data that will be used in the first ASP result later this term.

KS2 Marking Reviews 

If you have applied for any remarks/reviews, the outcomes of these will be published on NCA tools on 12th September.  The impact of any successful reviews will not be taken into account in the initial ASP/Inspection Dashboards  later this term.  They will be updated in the Spring term.


Teacher Assessment Frameworks 

Just a reminder that the end of KS1 and 2 assessment frameworks have been updated and ‘finalised’.  There are minimal changes to KS1 reading, but more significant changes in KS1 Maths.  At KS2 – only Writing now has teacher assessment (for those working at the standard of the test).

 For pupils working below the standard of the tests, the pre-key stage standards have also been updated (these are for this year only – and will be reviewed and finalised for the 2019/20 cycle (we are led to believe).


All of these documents can be found in the Assessment Resources section on the home page.