Assessment Update - Multiplication Check FAQ

What is it?

  • The multiplication check (MTC) is a check of pupil’s ability to recall all  of their 2 – 12 times tables
  • There will be 25 questions – each worth one mark, and is expected to take each child less than 5 minutes to complete

What will be tested?

  • While all tables (2-12)  will be tested, there will be a heavier focus on  the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 multiplication tables because these have been determined to be the most difficult multiplication tables.  
  • All questions follow the same format (for example 3 x 2 = ?)
  • There will be no missing number or inverse questions.
  • Pupils will have 6 seconds to enter their response on their computer/laptop or tablet.
  • Pupils will be able to input their response using
    • The computer keyboard
    • A mouse (or equivalent) and the on-screen number pad
    • A touchscreen device and the on-screen number pad

Who’s it for?

  • The multiplication check will be for most pupils in Year 4 – some children may be withdrawn…further details to come when the ARA is published
  • It is expected that it will be statutory from the academic year 2019/20 (current Year 3’s)
  • You may choose to take part in the pilot this year between 10th and 28th June 2019. You will be able to access materials from NCA Tools. You do not need to pre-register for this

How is it marked?

  • The system will mark each child automatically
  • At the end of the assessment window, a total score out of 25 will be reported to each school for all of their pupils who took the check
  • There is no expected standard threshold for the test

How will the results be used?

  • School-level results and individual pupil results will be made available to schools. This will allow them to provide additional support to pupils who require it
  • As is the case with the Phonics Check, school-level results will be available in Analyse School Performance (ASP)
  • National results will be reported by the Department for Education (DfE) to track standards over time
  • National and local authority results will be reported by the DfE to allow schools to benchmark the performance of their pupils
  • School level results will not be published in performance tables

What equipment do we need?

  • Pupils will need access to laptops/computers or tablets and with an internet/wifi connection. More details about the specific requirements will be published before the pilot window in 2019