Ofsted Boss Finally Steps Down

Following his appalling description of the Isle of White, David Hoare finally resigns from his post as Chair of Ofsted yesterday after a meeting with Education Secretary Justine Greening.  

Is this a sign of things to come - have we finally got an education minister with a backbone that will put her money where her mouth is?  

We have seen time and time again over the past year incidents that have shaken schools and educators alike and yet there never seems to be any comeuppance for those at the epi-centre of the issue.  For example, lets take the KS1 and 2 tests in May... the publication of the wrong Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling paper for the KS1 which thousands of children had already sat; followed by the answers to the KS2 Grammar and Punctuation questions being published online.... I could go on!

It is very early days for Justine Greening and while education may not be the biggest priority of the Government at the moment maybe, just maybe, we have found someone with a little common sense? Time will tell.