Year 2 Phonics - Autumn 2020


As suggested at the end of the Summer Term, pupils in Year 2 will be expected to take their Year 1 Phonics Check in the second half of the Autumn term of Year 2.

Schools can choose from 2017, 2018 or 2019 materials. If pupils have seen all of the past materials available already, the school should use the version they are least familiar with, or seen the longest time ago.

Schools can administer the check at any point between Autumn Half Term and Christmas. Your local authority will advise you of their local deadline for results.

If a pupil is absent while other pupils sit the test, they can sit the test at any point up to the end of the Autumn term.


All of the arrangements for administering the phonics check remain the same as normal, with regard to Access Arrangements, scoring and completing the answer sheets etc.  

The DFE will continue to use 32 as the threshold mark.

What if children move school?

If a pupil moves:

  • before half term the new school administers the check
  • after half term the new school must check with the previous school and administer the check if required. The school administering the check must submit the result.
  • after taking the test the results must be submitted by the previous school, and results shared with the new school.
  • during the Christmas holiday, the previous school should have assessed the pupil and shared the results with the new school.
You can read the full guidance from the DFE here [Link]