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Assessment Updates

  • newpng  Changes to progress calculation for pupils with 'extremely negative progress scores' for 2017-18 [link] page 8
  • Assessment Changes Route Map
  • STA Assessment Webinar [November 2017]
    KS1     KS2
  • newpng2018 Assessment and Beyond Update
    Video    Slides

Assessment Resources

  • newpng   2018 Test Administration Guidance
    KS1    KS2  
  • newpng  2018 Modified Test Administration Guidance
    KS1    KS2  
  • 2018 Teacher Assessment Guides
    KS1    KS2
  • 2018 Assessment and Reporting Arrangements
    EYFS     KS1/Phonics      KS2
  • 2018 Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks
  • 2018 Pre Key Stage Assessment Frameworks
  • 2018 Writing Assessment Exemplification
    KS1     KS2
  • 2017 National Data for Key Groups and Ethnicity
    EYFS   Phonics   KS1   KS2
  •  2017 & 2016 Test Papers and Sample Materials
    Phonics   KS1   KS2 
  •  Test Frameworks

Upcoming Key Dates

9th April
KS2: Outcomes for applications for Early Opening and Compensatory marks in NCA Tools

16th April
KS1: Test materials delivered this week see security and storage  guidance [Link]

23rd April

KS2: Deadline for extra-time applications in NCA Tools  

KS2: Notification of Science sampling 

30th April

KS2: Test ,materials delivered this week   see security and storage  guidance [Link]


KS1: Administration of KS1 tests

11th May
KS1: Deadline for ordering braille phonics materials 

14th - 17th May
KS2: Administration of KS2 Tests

21st May
KS2: Teacher Assessment open on NCA Tools

KS1 and 2 Question Level Analysis Tools


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