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Assessment Updates

  • newpng EYFS Baseline provider - NFER: initial details
  • newpng  Year 4 Multiplication Check development process
  •   Changes to progress calculation for pupils with 'extremely negative progress scores' for 2017-18 [link] page 8
  • Assessment Changes Route Map
  • STA Assessment Webinar [November 2017]
    KS1     KS2
  • newpng2018 Assessment and Beyond Update
    Video    Slides

Assessment Resources

  • newpng  2018 Phonics Check Administration Guidance
    Booklet    Video
  • 2018 Test Administration Guidance
  • KS1    KS2  
  • 2018 Modified Test Administration Guidance
    KS1    KS2  
  • 2018 Teacher Assessment Guides
    KS1    KS2
  • 2018 Assessment and Reporting Arrangements
    EYFS     KS1/Phonics      KS2
  • 2018 Interim Teacher Assessment Frameworks
  • 2018 Pre Key Stage Assessment Frameworks
  • 2018 Writing Assessment Exemplification
    KS1     KS2
  • 2017 National Data for Key Groups and Ethnicity
    EYFS   Phonics   KS1   KS2
  •  2017 & 2016 Test Papers and Sample Materials
    Phonics   KS1   KS2 
  •  Test Frameworks

Upcoming Key Dates

KS1: Administration of KS1 tests
KS2: Teacher Assessment open on STA website
25th May
KS2:  Deadline for submitting forms on NCA Tools. 
Deadline for Head Teachers Declaration on NCA tools. 
29th May
KS2: Mark schemes and test materials published on NCA Tools 
1st June
KS1: Scaled Score conversion tables published 
4th June
KS1: Phonics Check  materials delivered this week see security and storage  guidance [Link] 
11th June
Phonics Check week 
25th June
Phonics Check Materials and threshold published on STA website
28th June
Deadline for Headteachers Declaration on NCA tools 
10th July

Results published on NCA Tools @ 7:30am 
10th July
Deadline for submitting marking queries on NCA Tools. 

KS1 and 2 Question Level Analysis Tools


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